Remote Viewing Session X719

Remote Viewing Session X719: A Collection of Short Stories
Remote Viewing Session X719
Dane Sullivan

"Original, Cynical and Deep". This short story collection is a series of glimpses into humanity's future beyond the stars. Each unique. Some feel like classics from the golden age of sci-fi, some have the dark cynicism of modern cyberpunk. As the book progresses each story becomes more unhinged than the last. "An almost comically dark outlook on the path of technology's development"


About the Author

Dane Sullivan has a dual bachelor's degree in engineering and general arts. In school outside the sciences, he dabbled in philosophy, history, religion, film, and, of course, science fiction. He has been an insatiable reader since childhood, and his interests have moved out of the realm of fantasy and into paranoid and dystopian science fiction. His work centers on a few themes. A certain uncertainty principle of human interaction that allows all sorts of nefarious activities to transpire on both the intergalactic and interpersonal scale, the unyielding selfishness of biological life, the cold statistical bias of machines, and the idea that the future will not be the gleaming utopia foreseen by previous generations.