Siblings of War

Siblings of War
Siblings of War
Chanochi Zaks

“Never, ever leave any one of your siblings behind.” The Zaks unique and gripping family saga, of the powers of brotherly love, unflinching unity, and unwavering faith against the insurmountable odds of war.


About the Author

Chanochi Zaks (1948) was born in the Bergen-Belsen DP camp, on May 14th - the exact day of Israel’s declaration of independence.
A second-generation holocaust survivor, Zaks drew in the memory of the holocaust from an early age. Growing up in Israel, he spent decades in the horticulture industry, filling several roles from plantation manager to CMO.
Chanochi has a bachelor’s degree in geography and education from the University of Haifa. He has three children and five grandchildren, and currently lives in Israel.