Sweet Attractions

Sweet Attractions
Sweet Attractions
Susan Warner

She was the town's jewel and he was the bad boy everyone knew would wind up to be nothing. Now the town's in trouble and the bad boy turned out to be a millionaire. He'll help the town, if she'll be his fake relationship. The town will get the money and he'll get the girl.


About the Author

Susan Warner was born in New Bern, North Carolina. These days she lives in the melting pot of the United States, New York. She writes about sweet small-town romance as a way to remember her roots. She has been blessed with four grown children and a man who cares about her enough to understand when the voices start-up in her head, it’s time for her to go to work.

She originally started telling stories to her kids to benefit from learning about country values even though they weren’t raised there. As time went on, she found others who wanted to hear her stories. Stories that believe in the goodness of people, the sanctity of love, and understand that forgiveness and compassion make us better human beings.

When Susan isn’t writing, she reads voraciously, volunteers to help the homeless and animals when she can, and is eternally trying to get the gauge right in her knitting.