The First 12 Days of Winter

The First 12 Days of Winter
The First 12 Days of Winter
Nancy Atkins

In a new twist on The 12 Days of Christmas, a cardinal named Carl hangs an invite on the old fir tree for a 12-day Winter Solstice party. Two polar bears come. Then three caribou. Then four jolly snowmen. Each day more creatures arrive to celebrate the return of the sun's light. On the 12th day (Jan 1st) the sun thanks the over 60 woodland creatures by the tree with a magical surprise.


About the Author

The niece of a children's librarian, Nancy was surrounded by "discarded" children's picture books long before she could read. Although the pages were torn and the bindings worn, these books were a gold mine to her and she spent hours pouring over their pictures and making up her own stories. By the time she started school, Nancy knew she wanted to be a writer.

With a lifelong passion to share her love of reading and writing with children, Nancy has spent hundreds of hours in the classroom working one-on-one with students and leading entire classes through her fun and hands-on workshops. A graduate of the Institute of Children's Literature, she also has a BA degree in Journalism. Nancy has developed reading readiness curriculums, English as a second language course, is a published poet, and writes picture book for children in both prose and rhyming verse.

With three grown children and a grandson, she has plenty of inspiration for creating stories that children love to hear again and again.