The Intelligent Reader’s Guide To Reading

The Intelligent Reader’s Guide To Reading: How To Read A Book The Right Way For Stronger Comprehension And Better Recall
The Intelligent Reader’s Guide To Reading
Ever feel like you've read a book but can't remember a single thing about it? You spend hours pouring over pages, only to walk away with a vague sense of what you've consumed. Imagine reading and actually remembering key arguments. Imagine truly understanding the author's message and discussing it with confidence. This guide is your secret weapon.

About the Author

"Thinknetic publishes books that speak to people’s minds. We love uncovering and discussing topics like critical thinking, philosophies, or mental models (to name a few), and we’re earnest to share with you their daily applicability. Our books start the conversation about the thought process and ways to improve it from different perspectives. Expect to be entertained, inspired, maybe a little bit enlightened, and supported to take action. In every book, we provide you with a mix of storytelling, timeless quotes, theories made easy (and making a lot more sense), tools, and strategies to support you in improving your life while improving your thinking."