The Question of Choice

The Question of Choice
The Question of Choice
Yitzhak Segman

In a refreshing and illuminating take on the subject, The Question of Choice examines free will through a broad spectrum of disciplines – integrating history, philosophy, science, and metaphysics to provide a holistic groundbreaking explanation.


About the Author

Yitzhak Segman worked for 30-odd years in the electronics industry, during most of which he held management positions. For five years, he was a director at a company that develops and markets advanced medical equipment. He holds a master's degree in History and Philosophy of Science and Ideas from Tel-Aviv University.
Upon his retirement, Segman expanded his knowledge in practical spiritual learnings such as “metaphysical thought”, “geometry in creation”, “super-consciousness”, and others. He has also written the book “The Hidden Reality Behind the Scenes”, which was translated into English and received enthusiastic reviews. Currently, he writes and lectures on spiritual-practical subjects.