5th Helena Drive

5th Helena Drive
Mark Arundel
From an orphan on Long Island through the war as a soldier to the secret life of an intelligence officer, can Edward Rafferty find a happy-ever-after? Unconventional relationships and his love for a famous movie star collide with national security and his job to fight the Cold War. But when someone sends a woman to investigate him, will it be the end for Rafferty or the beginning?

About the Author

Born in London and living in Norfolk, Mark Arundel takes long walks, sometimes skis in the Alps, or travels to sunny shores where he snorkels among the fishes before eating one for supper. He read Alistair Maclean, Len Deighton, and Eric Ambler growing up—three authors he respects.
Mark is writing a sequel to 5th Helena Drive and the next book in his Meriwether Files series: novels full of suspense, action, and intrigue. His focus on physical and technical accuracy makes for credible stories, and his writing always carries the excitement of "what's going to happen next?"