A Precarious Homecoming

A Precarious Homecoming
D.S. Lang
A town struggling to survive and a crime wave culminating in murder. After the Great War, Bella Stewart finds her hometown and family resort besieged by troubles, including a murder. Eager to solve the case, Bella convinces Constable Jax Hastings to let her help. He has conflicting feelings due to a secret from the past. But they both want to find the killer before someone else dies.

About the Author

D.S. Lang started making up stories to entertain herself as an only child, and she is still creating them. Now, she puts them in writing! After obtaining Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Education, D.S. worked as a golf shop manager, teacher (junior high, high school and college), program manager, tutor and mentor. She has a lifelong love of history and often gets sidetracked on research when she should be writing.