Angel In Disguise

Angel In Disguise
Michal Segal Arnold
A woman suffers a painful blow - her dad, passes away, and now She must go on. One day, the ringing phone awakens her. An unexpected caller is on the line. The conversation leads her to an emotional journey, But will it be enough to change everything?

About the Author

Before marrying and giving birth to two daughters, Michal Segal Arnold traveled the world and acquired a comprehensive education. She holds a BA in Psychology, a Masters' in Urban Planning and a PhD in Political Science. After teaching at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, and ten years working in Israeli industry as a marketing manager and member of the Manufacturers Association, she subsequently studied law and is currently a practicing attorney with a firm that specializes in corporate law and intellectual property.
During her doctoral studies in Political Science at the University of Pennsylvania, she spent several months studying the American Indian Movement (aka AIM) at its archives in Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota. During this period, she lived on a reservation in southeastern Minnesota. Her long commutes from the city to the reservation were made more pleasant by listening to music on the road.
Music has always played an essential part in Michal's life. Childhood friends will tell you that in the pre-Internet world, she was the Beatles expert...