Auschwitz Prisoner 31119

Auschwitz Prisoner 31119
Yitzchak Borowsky
She was liberated from hell on Earth. But will she ever be free from Auschwitz? This is the shocking survival story of Bluma Plaskovsky, Auschwitz prisoner number 31119, as told to her son Yitzchak with touching humility and admirable willpower.

About the Author

Yitzchak Borowsky (1948) is an attorney and a litigator with over 46 years of experience in the private sector, after serving as a senior assistant to the Tel-Aviv district attorney. As a son of a holocaust survivor, Borowsky was forced to manage his own mother’s post-traumatic stress, grown severely after her husband’s death in 1978. Together with his brother Emmanuel, Yitzchak gave himself completely to fighting for justice for all holocaust survivors, against the red tapes and intolerance of both German and Israeli authorities.
Borowsky’s legal battles and Bluma’s mental struggles are brought forth in his book, Auschwitz Prisoner 31119.