Chase Baker and the Vikings' Secret

Chase Baker and the Vikings' Secret
Benjamin Sobieck
Did Chinese explorers arrive in the Americas before Christopher Columbus? Renaissance man and adventurer Chase Baker is hot on the trail of this hidden piece of history in the woods of Minnesota, home of the famous Kensington Runestone. The alleged proof is scrawled on a runestone written by Vikings centuries ago.

About the Author

This installment of Vincent Zandri's popular Chase Baker series is a little different from the others up to this point. This is a "Vincent Zandri Presents" book, meaning it takes place inside the Chase Baker universe, but there's a different author holding the reins.

That doesn't mean Zandri is stepping away from the writing world. It means Chase Baker and the Vikings' Secret offers another author's take on the same action, conspiracies, hidden history and suspense that made the Chase Baker series a hit. Rest assured, Zandri is still involved in the creative process, but more as an editor than as a writer.

Benjamin Sobieck is best known as the author of The Writer's Guide to Weapons: A Practical Reference for Writing Firearms and Knives in Fiction (Writer's Digest Books). He also writes crime and thriller fiction, in addition to blogging about weapons in fiction on his popular website,