City of Liars

City of Liars
Michelle Fogle

When the Inquisition holds its first public execution in Barcelona, it draws a Catholic heiress and a Jewish navigator into a secret alliance to smuggle would-be targets to safety by sea. As the rescue mission unfolds, a forbidden love blooms between them. Will their heart-stopping escape plan outfox the vicious regime, or will it cost their lives?


About the Author

Michelle Fogle is a masterful historical fiction author who transports readers to the past with her immersive storytelling. With keen attention to detail and impeccable historical research, she brings to life vibrant worlds filled with high stakes and memorable characters. As a former psychotherapist, she delves deep into character’s inner lives, imbuing them with depth a gravitas. Her debut novel City of Liars was named Editor’s Pick for outstanding quality by Publisher’s Weekly Booklife. Her passion for writing began with coursework at the University of California, and finally to a Certificate in Novel Writing. Her aim is not only to entertain, but also to increase awareness, understanding, and inspiration through her writing. Michelle Fogle is a California transplant, presently living in the Inland Northwest. Visit her online at to learn more.