Crime Collection 2: the Buck Taylor Novels

Crime Collection 2: the Buck Taylor Novels
Chuck Morgan
Immerse yourself in the CRIME series and follow Colorado Bureau of Investigation Agent Buck Taylor and his team as they fight crime in the Colorado Rockies. Murder, kidnapping, drug dealers, arson and serial killers make these the perfect books for anyone that enjoys a good mystery.

About the Author

Chuck Morgan attended Seton Hall University and Regis College and spent thirty-five years as a construction project manager. He is an avid outdoorsman, an Eagle Scout, and a licensed private pilot. He enjoys camping, hiking, mountain biking and fly-fishing.
He is the author of the Crime series, featuring Colorado Bureau of Investigation agent Buck Taylor. The series includes Crime Interrupted, Crime Delayed, Crime Unsolved, Crime Exposed, Crime Denied, Crime Conspiracy, Crime Unknown, Crime Exploded, and Crime Spree.