Crimson Winter

Crimson Winter
K. Adams
Lucy Wang, a Chinese-Canadian woman, leads an idyllic life (which includes plans to become a mother soon), when she finds out that her husband Patrick, an entrepreneurial millionaire, is having an extramarital affair. After learning of an unconventional, new approach to tackle the problem, Lucy decides to go for it, ignoring that she´s risking much more than just the future of her marriage.

About the Author

I am a lawyer (LL.M., McGill University, Montreal, Canada) and, most important, a happy husband and father of two boys, one born on December 2022. After practicing law for many years and serving as ad hoc diplomat to a specialized UN agency, I could no longer ignore the spark of writing. “Crimson Winter” is my debut novel, in which I invested a lot of time, hard work and passion. Nothing would make me happier than counting you as a reader and critic!