Dancing Away From Parkinson’s

Dancing Away From Parkinson’s
Prof. Rafi Eldor
Faced with a damning prognosis that would leave him fully disabled within five years, Prof. Rafi Eldor, a prominent economics lecturer and Harvard University alumnus, chose to fight. This is his story.

About the Author

Professor Rafi Eldor (1953) holds a PhD in economics from Harvard University, with a productive career in financial economy; over the years, Eldor has served in key positions in both academia and the capital market.
At age 55, at the prime of his life, Eldor was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. Doctors predicted he would become disabled within five years. During his search for treatment, Eldor discovered the world of ballroom dancing – and surprised his doctors with his improved condition. Over the past decade, Eldor has shared his story and insights on the therapeutic qualities of choreographed dance on hundreds of stages worldwide. For his contribution he was granted a Lifetime Achievement Award.