Era of Judges

Era of Judges
Eyal Cohen
Experience the culmination of the biblical story like never before. The third book in The Lost Treasures series depicts the Era of Judges – appointed leaders of a broken people – until the eventual coronation of the first of the Kings.

About the Author

Eyal Cohen is an Israeli author, born to a secular family. During a trip around the world, he had an out-of-body experience that changed his life entirely, leading to 25 years of studying the Bible and the Tirah literature. While delivering lectures, he noticed that most of his audience was not really familiar with the biblical stories, a realization that inspired him into writing. His first published book in Hebrew revolved around the life of King David. The first edition sold out in no time, and readers’ comments encouraged him to keep writing. Thus, he started to write the story of the Bible from the beginning, starting from the creation of the world. To date, Cohen has published five books in Hebrew on the Bible from the days of Genesis to the final days of King Solomon.