Marie-Hélène Lebeault
When Silas moves to a remote village out in the boonies over summer break, he's less than overjoyed at his social prospects. Miles away from town with only a rusted bike for transportation, he'd rather stare at his phone than engage. However, when his parents confiscate his phone and tell him to go explore, what he finds is strange and unusual...

About the Author

Marie-Hélène is a Canadian author. She writes young adult quest and adventure stories rooted in the world of fantasy, magic and time travel. With important coming of age lessons at the core of her writing, children and young adults alike will revel in the fantastical journeys of her characters. When not immersed in the worlds of magic and mystery, you’ll find Marie-Hélène hiking, cycling, or lying on the beach with a good book.

To date, Marie-Hélène has published two YA fantasy series, a standalone novel set in the Eastern Townships of Quebec, a speculative fiction short story anthology, four YA Ghost Stories, and a series of whimsical picture books for children aged 3 to 7. A retired teacher, she lives in Quebec, Canada with her frown children.