Guardians of Terra

Guardians of Terra
George Lindsay
For the past nine years, Dan Kalendis has been on Earth finding and removing evidence of humans from other worlds. The work has been easy… until now. The enemy has arrived, and Dan is convinced they’re here to claim Earth. Will he stay and fight for a world that doesn’t know he exists? Read now and find out.

About the Author

George Lindsay is a science fiction author who favours fast-paced stories with economical writing, leaning heavily into the thriller sub genre. However, his books are firmly space opera with flavourings of military science fiction and galactic empire. Ultimately, he likes to imagine small events taking place with galactic consequences. His debut novel, Guardians of Terra, is the first book in the Janusia series, which is part of the wider Janusic Universe.

George lives in Britain, where it rains a lot. One day he hopes to live by a lake surrounded by mountains and an alpine forest. Preferably on another planet.