Infinite Horizons: The Complete Series

Infinite Horizons: The Complete Series
JD Sullivan
The complete, award-winning sci-fi trilogy! Join Dillon Mackey as he escapes a boring future in the law to explore the galaxy with one of the most brilliant scientist-inventors. Explore alien worlds, conflicts, mysteries and history in this coming-of-age, space opera romp.

About the Author

JD Sullivan has been a fan of sci-fi since the first time he saw The Forbidden Planet as a child. Following TV shows like Lost In Space, Buck Rogers, V, and others, he's cultivated a love of the genre over the years. He's a big fan of military sci-fi, but when writing, he prefers more hopeful outlooks on the future. Infinite Horizons is his first foray into published science fiction.

JD lives in southern New England with his family.