Innocence Taken

Innocence Taken
Victoria M. Patton
Two dead girls, another one missing, and a secret that will rip a tight-knit community apart. As Lt. Damien Kaine searches for a sadistic killer, a disturbing pattern emerges. The more he digs into the community's history, the more missing girls he finds. The case takes a frightful turn, and what he uncovers will haunt him and his team forever.

About the Author

If Victoria M. Patton isn't using her Forensic Chemistry degree and her time in the Coast Guard to figure out where to bury the bodies and write about the murders, she is more than likely hanging with her husband, her two dogs and two cats. Her teenagers want nothing to do with her. If she has any free time, she binge watches Hulu and YouTubeTV, usually with a glass of whiskey. Check out her blog Whiskey and Writing where she tries to help new authors navigate the indie publishing world. Contact her at [email protected]. She is on most social media outlets. Type in her name, you’ll find her.