Lisée At The Ballet: The Nutcracker

Lisée At The Ballet: The Nutcracker
Isabelle Parenti
Join Lisée and the Fairies of Blossom Grove and dance out one character or all of them as you learn the story of one of the most loved ballets around! This book is ideal for children between the ages of 3 and 6.

About the Author

Isabelle Parenti has spent her life working with children and teaching ballet to young children. She is the director of Ballet Petite, a ballet school founded in 1992 by Nancy Parenti, and is the premiere dance education program exclusively for young children. The curriculum incorporates dance choreography, children’s literature, music compositions, and beautiful costumes and props.

Isabelle Parenti hopes that, just like her wonderful ballet classes, her children’s books will offer an outlet for imagination and creativity where ballerinas can be encouraged to dance more frequently at home. She also wants to offer an avenue for those that don’t have the opportunity to come to her classes to express their creativity in a new way at home. Each book has suggested props that can be either found or made at home for children to dance and act out her stories with.

Lisée At The Ballet: The Nutcracker is the first book in a series in which Isabelle Parenti introduces all the Fairies of Blossom Grove. Be on the lookout for which book will be coming next!