Mr. Body and Mr. Feeling

Mr. Body and Mr. Feeling
Shira Shaked
Based on Shira Shaked’s Five Steps to Relief (FSTR) method, this bright, empowering story will help teach children aged 4 to 10 the essential skill of managing their emotions.

About the Author

Shira Shaked is an experienced emotional balance advisor. She has worked for twelve years as an Art Therapist, ThetaHealing Therapist, and has led many workshops and given talks about emotional management and beneficial parenting.
The experience and knowledge she acquired throughout her career led Shira to develop the FSTR – Five Steps to Relief method, a tool for achieving emotional balance. She teaches her method to parents, educators, and other professionals and applies it in a wide range of institutions.
Shira is a mother of three and a born creator. She has been a writer and an artist all her life.