Not Forgotten

Not Forgotten
Nicola Clifford
When journalist Stacey Logan’s policeman boyfriend disappears with little more than a note, she suspects he has been abducted. But his colleagues refuse to pursue her leads. She’ll have to go it alone, but must brace herself for the worst.

About the Author

Nicola Clifford lives in rural Wales with a crazy dog and a fountain pen for company. She has been a banker, traveller, model engineer and prison visitor. An enthusiastic storyteller, Nicola specialises in crafting crime thrillers set in the astonishing countryside of Mid-Wales.

When she isn’t writing, Nicola enjoys photography, gardening and spending quality time with steam engines.

Nicola is a past winner of the Wells International Literary Festival Short Story Award, and one of her novels was shortlisted at Hastings Litfest.