On Her Terms

On Her Terms
Yael Izaki
On Her Terms depicts the story of 22 inspirational women, each one different, and the unique path their lives followed until they reached the point of full enjoyment, satisfaction and happiness with work and life in general.

About the Author

Yael Izaki is a Uruguayan-born Israeli social psychologist. After obtaining her Ph.D. in Management at the University of Tel-Aviv, on gender and negotiations, she established an NGO whose purpose was to instill in women the knowledge, tools, and skills needed to succeed in the workplace. While aiming to help women fulfill their professional aspirations, Yael also wants to make sure that the women reach a high level of satisfaction with the choices they make. She is a former lecturer in the Organizational Behavior program at the TAU Faculty of Management.
Yael is married and has 3 grown children. After over 10 years of training, she has recently achieved the level of black belt in Karate.