One: Angels Are Hard to Love

One: Angels Are Hard to Love
Kristin Kay
A strange fate begins on the count of ONE… Stuck in a society where the chances of a good life are negligible, Nia's brilliance makes her a constant outcast. She provokes the interest of Victor Kaov, a shady billionaire and the new president of their small Eastern European country. Devoid of any empathy, his psyche is driven mad by Nia's beautiful mind.

About the Author

Trapped in a distant Eastern European reality, Kristin Kay asks questions about life, love and the madness that surrounds us. She pursues the answers for herself and all the other misfits in the world.

As a fiction writer, she created ONE: ANGELS ARE HARD TO LOVE to excite, inspire and surprise all those who have ever felt lost. Kristin reveals her female character's out-of-the-box perspectives and life experiences, trying to find something rational about our irrational reality, logic in our illogical relationships, and the chance for something more in a world that does not have much to offer.