Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir
Justin Godey

Pinot Noir introduces you to the real magic of wine country and Miles Ward, Napa Valley’s top – and only – consulting apotropaist. A gig magically protecting a winery goes sideways, when he finds the most intricate curse he's ever seen. To have Napa, he must escape a vampire sorceress, an order of gun-toting monster hunters, an intricate assassination plot, and a dragon’s ancient prophecy.


About the Author

An avid gamer, I love to play everything from video games, table top roleplaying games to live action roleplaying games. It is from those experiences and my experiences as a contract computer programmer that are a great deal of my inspiration. In addition to writing, gaming and parenting, I am a USA Archery certified instructor, I play a number of instruments, have a middle-aged-dad garage band and I write and perform my own music.