Race Amazon: False Dawn

Race Amazon: False Dawn
Andy Lucas
After barely surviving a random shooting, James Pace accepts a surprise offer to compete in the charity endurance race of the year. Oblivious to the sinister truth behind Race Amazon, he soon finds himself stranded alone in the jungle, cut off from help and being ruthlessly hunted. To survive, he must dredge up every rusty skill the military ever taught him and take the fight to the enemy!

About the Author

Family man and lifelong lover of the great thriller authors that inspired me to write my own. 7 thrillers in my James Pace series, so far, with number 8 due out in a couple of months time. Passionate about writing and genuinely grateful when readers spend their valuable time joining me on one of my adventures! If you read Cussler, Higgins, Clancy or Child, these books might be for you. Enjoy!