Reimagining Ben

Reimagining Ben
Panayotis Cacoyannis

FIRST TIME DISCOUNTED: In the midst of unfolding chaotic events, 33-year-old Jay embarks on a short, sharp journey of belated self-discovery, while constantly being goaded and taunted by his gay twin brother George. "A book of big, farcically dramatic moments" and a “humorous and entertaining character study of two brothers besieged by the preposterous." - (Kirkus Reviews).


About the Author

Born in Cyprus and now living in London, Panayotis treads the line between humor and heartbreak to write about difficult and complex relationships. His novels celebrate fallible characters struggling to make sense of their lives and loves. Aside from reading and writing, Panayotis’ favorite pastime is going to the movies, and ever since his friend/therapist/barber recommended The Sopranos, he has also discovered good TV. He travels from London to Cyprus often, to visit family and be near the sea.