Ken Coleman
A 14 year old boy is persuaded by a young woman to help find the killers of his parents. The pair travel hundreds of miles in their pursuit of the outlaws. Unfortunately for the boy, the woman reveals herself to be just as violent a killer as them. She is also clearly, unhinged. Inevitably. their pursuit comes to a bloody and totally, unexpected conclusion.

About the Author

Ken Coleman left school age 15 and after several jobs, joined the Royal Navy where he travelled the world extensively. It was during his time in the Navy that he acquired his love of books.
After leaving the military, he made many attempts at drafting a novel using a pen and lined paper.
It wasn't until he had made several road trips in America as a tourist and visited western towns like Tombstone amongst others, that he fell in love with the western genre of books and after reading many, he felt he could write a western with authentic characters and situations where the main characters were just as flawed as anyone else.
After his first book, "Revenge and Chameli Gonzales," became a success and received many 5 star reviews, it gave him the motivation to write more and he has not looked back.