Stolen Diary

Stolen Diary
Kathryn Lane
Stolen Diary explores the challenges a gifted child must face growing up in Mexico with a disengaged mother who cannot relate to her enormously talented daughter, and a doting grandfather who recognizes and encourages his granddaughter’s genius. Unable to deal with her mother’s rejection, Jasmin escapes into a world of her own becoming totally absorbed in music and science.

About the Author

Kathryn Lane, originally from Mexico, took the long road to becoming an author. She started work life as an artist in oil painting, but soon discovered that lead to a starving artist lifestyle. To earn a living, she became a certified public accountant and enjoyed a career in international finance with a major multinational corporation.
As an author, Kathryn draws deeply from her experiences growing up in a small town in Mexico as well as her work and travel in over ninety countries around the globe. In her youth, she lived in a story-centric culture where reality blended with the surreal in perfect harmony – a dichotomy that developed her ability to form mental images of characters and stories that spring to life.