The Bureauctopus

The Bureauctopus
Simcha B. Werner
Deep in the forest, the lazy and corrupt lion is crowned king of the animals. Looking to delegate his responsibilities, he hires the many-tentacled octopus as his trusty assistant, to take care of the day-to-day bureaucracies needed to ensure quiet and peace in the animal kingdom.

About the Author

Dr. Simcha B. Werner is an academic who has studied the fields of politics and social administration for years. Throughout his career, he taught and carried research at Tel Aviv University, University, Oslo University, Cambridge University U.K, the University of California- Berkeley, and the University of Manitoba.
He has specialized mainly in political and bureaucratic corruption, administrative reforms, corporatization, privatization, and what is known in the jargon as New Public Administration- meaning the attempt to reduce the over control of public bureaucracy and thus of its illnesses.

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