The Caregiver’s Secret

The Caregiver’s Secret
Avi Gil
Years after her father disappears, Tanya embarks on a journey to a new country to gather enough money and prevent her family from falling apart. But a hidden secret from her past endangers everything she knows and may tear her life to pieces.

About the Author

Avi Gil was the head of the Literature Department in the Israeli Ministry of Culture’s Council for Culture and Art, as well as a board member.

He has previously written two children’s books – “The Donkey Who Wanted to Be a Car” and “When Buzhika and Grandma Came to Visit”, and a novel entitled “And Nothing Rhymes with Death”, all of which achieved high success in Israel.

He is married and a father of three. Avi likes to travel the world while conducting research for his books. While writing “The Caregiver Secret”, he traveled especially to Lithuania, Sri Lanka, and the Maldives.