The Gulf Between Us

The Gulf Between Us
Juliet Brandywine
Eight years ago, before her wedding in Cancún to the love of her life, Emily’s fiancé simply…vanished. Single yet again, Emily decides to move back to her hometown in hopes of starting over. Emily tries to navigate her new life with her endearing best friend, her bohemian mom, and her rescue dog Snaggles at her side when Jason reappears. New beginnings don't start with ex-fiancés. Or do they?

About the Author

Juliet Brandywine is a native Floridian who loves key lime pie, palm trees, and manatees in equal measure. Born already knowing how to read, Juliet prides herself on being the only person she knows who was endlessly chastened by her parents for having her nose in a book.

She believes in fairytales, love at first sight, and found family, and has a sneaking suspicion that dogs are angels in disguise.