The Heartstone Chamber

The Heartstone Chamber
Jim Stein
My robots explode thanks to haywire magic. Attwater Trade School can help. The catch? Graduates also fight demons. Between my abysmal spellcasting and the building suddenly going berserk, I might never get that far. Something weird is going on with the staff too. But can new friends and a broken talent fix the problem when school turns deadly?

About the Author

Jim Stein hungers for stories that transport readers to extraordinary realms. Despite sailing five of the seven seas and visiting abroad, he’s fundamentally a geeky homebody who enjoys reading, nature, and rescuing old pinball machines. Jim grew up on a steady diet of science fiction and fantasy. After writing stories in school, two degrees in computer science, and three decades in the Navy, Jim has returned to his first passion. His speculative fiction often pits protagonists with strong moral fiber against supernatural elements or quirky aliens. Jim lives in northwestern Pennsylvania with his wife, a grandcat with a perpetually runny nose, and the memory of Marley the Greatest of Danes.