The Land of Ataraxia: Genesis

The Land of Ataraxia: Genesis
S.S. Merce
The Land of Ataraxia: Genesis follows Captain Magellan and his crew into the land of Ataraxia; a magical world created by Primordials where their path crosses with the Neoma siblings. Along with the siblings arises suspicion, manipulation, and threat to the realms of Ataraxia. This book takes you through a man’s moral dilemma on his quest to discover what is politically correct and wrong.

About the Author

Born and brought up in the southernmost district of India, S.S. Merce lives in Kanyakumari. Going by the name, Shelma Sahayam, she lives with her parents and an elder brother and grew up in a large family surrounded by local folklore and stories on magical realism. Working as an IT Analyst, Merce lives in a parallel world of her own, daydreaming of mythical heroes with honor who fight for altruistic purposes. She has also worked as a content developer in a professional capacity, creating kid-friendly content for academic institutions.