The Plantation

The Plantation
Steve Jaffe
From the coast of California to the steps of the U.S. Capitol, The Plantation is a breathtaking journey into a dangerous and plausible plot. Will Sam Collins stop Stone before it is too late, or will a new American Nazi movement destroy American democracy forever?

About the Author

For those who know me personally, you understand my passion for writing. I never realized how much I would love sitting down and weaving a tale that was filled with a lot of facts, and just enough fiction to keep me out of litigation. My thirty-five years of experience in the corporate structure of America has ignited my mind to some very interesting stories and characters.

My fervor for writing did not stop with fiction. During some serious health issues, I created The Mind Diet Group. A series of books where individuals learn positive stress reduction techniques, using writing as a tool. I authored five books in my Mind Diet Series. Those books can be previewed at