The Vassal of Magic

The Vassal of Magic
C B Lyall
Wilf is a slave to the magic he hates. If he could only tap in to his magic’s full potential he’s sure he could save the Magical Realm, Katryna, and keep his dream of returning to Hong Kong alive. Wilf embarks on a harrowing journey that plunges him into the mysteries of magic and threatens his survival?

About the Author

CB Lyall is in full possession of her English accent, even after spending half her life living in exotic locations - New York, India, Belgium and Hong Kong. Despite her undiagnosed childhood dyslexia she finally developed a deep love of books and writing. She has published three novels in The Virus of Beauty Series and numerous short stories. To learn when her next book will be released, or to get updates on other magical things in the works and life, sign up for her newsletter at