The White

The White
Matt Micheli
A freak snowstorm traps Dan and his family inside with an unwanted, malicious guest who seems hell-bent on destroying everything he and his wife have built together. As things spiral out of control and anger consumes the household, inside is Hell. But outside in the snow, there’s something far more sinister. Something full of rage. Something violent. And that something has a taste for blood.

About the Author

Matt Micheli is a horror and dark-fiction writer out of New Braunfels, TX, author of The White by D&T Publishing. A loving husband and father to a daughter and Husky dogs, he spends his days dabbling in domestication and his nights in Tequila, always searching for the next great story. The White will be followed by his second novella Scratched to be released in March of 2023 and his third titled Two Minutes with the Devil which is scheduled for release in June of 2023 by D&T Publishing.