What Is Happening In Egypt, Texas?

What Is Happening In Egypt, Texas?
Brian Yansky
They’re Here. But who are They? What do They want? Where do They come from? On top of these questions July Jackson, sheriff of Egypt, Texas, (population, 1888) has some others. Why is it snowing in Texas in August? Why don't the cars, electronics, or phones work? Why can't he remember what happened last night? Read WHAT IS HAPPENING IN EGYPT, TEXAS, to discover, as July does, the answers.

About the Author

I’ve published eleven novels, five traditionally and six independently. I love science fiction, fantasy, and supernatural stories in all formats: novels, short stories, movies, series etc. A lot of my main characters are adopted. Like them, I was adopted. I seem to write often about identity. I live in Austin, Texas. I’ve taught college and worked a lot of different jobs and lived in a fair number of cities. I have a black belt in Taekwondo. Helps with my action scenes. I’m married. I love writing novels and stories most (have published over 15 stories: Glimmer Train and other magazines), but I like writing most anything. My grocery lists are excellent.