Christina George - Small Town Holiday Romance

Christina George - Small Town Holiday Romance

Christina George has worked in publishing for twenty years and loves books and authors. Her own writing career started off planning to write just one book, and then the stories kept coming. Her original series The Publicist, follows Kate, Mac, Nick, Vivienne and a host of other awesome characters as they make their lives in New York, amidst the chaos that publishing often brings with it. She is now exploring a fictional small town called Harper's Corner. This series is so fun, because there are so many characters in this town, from sexy firemen and hot Army guys to an awesome group of women that she affectionally calls "the coven." As our Author of the Day, she tells us more.

Please give us a short introduction to what Harper's Corner Holiday Series is about.

The series is based in a small town just outside of New York and focuses on five friends, specifically– it’s a fun, funny, sexy series about love in this small town with an emphasis on military, police and (hot) firefighters

Did you plan from the start to write this as a series?

In this particular case, yes I did – because of all the friends, they each had to find love and tell their story…. And there are many more in the series to come! But what really inspired me was the craze for all the Hallmark Christmas movies, and I wanted to write romance based around the holidays because there’s something so inspiring about that, and so sweet about a holiday romance!

Besides writing, what other secret skills do you have?

I love teaching. I teach a lot about publishing actually. Not sure that’s a secret skill, per se, but I sure do love it!

With all the romance you write, do you believe in true love in real life?

I do! I really do – but it’s often more complicated in real life, and many times there’s no HEA – and that’s one of the reasons I love writing romance.

Have you always wanted to be an author? What inspired your debut?

I’ve worked in publishing for a long time, in-house at a big publisher and my first book: The Publicist – was designed to tell those stories. So I wrote a romance, wrapped up in the publishing work, which also became a series!

How do you think you have evolved creatively since?

A lot, actually. I think as authors we always get better – or at least we should. Now I want to rewrite my first books!

Which story in this series is your own personal favorite, and why?

I adore Once Upon a Christmas, because it’s set (primarily) in a bookstore!

I also love a Nanny for Christmas, because it’s loosely based on a real nanny situation with a celeb, which was all over the tabloids a few years ago (a good friend of mine knew the nanny in question)

How much fun do you have coming up with these storylines and characters?

SUCH fun – I love this series, especially because with a small town and so many new people, there are stories everywhere!

Do you have any interesting writing habits? Best writing spot, sources of inspiration etc.?

I get inspired by Hallmark Christmas movies, a lot of the time anyway… and sometimes I’ll see a movie and think: Oh, I would have done it this way or that way and then I’ll start writing!

What are you working on right now?

More stories from Harper’s Corner! More Christmas stories! More love!

Where can our readers discover more of your work or interact with you?

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