E.A. Chance - Post-Apocalyptic Women's Fiction

E.A. Chance - Post-Apocalyptic Women's Fiction

E.A. Chance is an award-winning writer of suspense, thriller and post-apocalyptic women's fiction. She loves books that influence her writing and her life and thrives on crafting tales of everyday superheroes. She has traveled the world and lived in five different countries. She currently resides in the Williamsburg, Virginia area with her husband, is the proud mother of four grown sons and Nana to one amazing grand-darling. As our Author of the Day, she tells us all about her book, Solar Fury.

Please give us a short introduction to what Solar Fury is about.

Solar Fury is the story of Riley Poole, a young widowed surgeon, and mother who gets stranded in Washington, DC, with her teenage daughter after a global natural disaster. The power grid is destroyed. It’s wintertime, and she’s separated from her two other children by half a continent. She’s forced to put aside her own fears and do whatever it takes to get her daughter to safety in a world gone mad.


What inspired you to write about this topic?

This is a project I’ve been excited about and researching for several years. I’m a huge space geek and devoted Sci-fi fan, but I wanted to write a story about an event that could happen in the real world. While the odds of the magnitude of the disaster that takes place in Solar Fury are minuscule, they are possible. This is actually something that governments are working to prepare for to some degree, just in case.

Tell us more about Riley Poole. What makes her tick?

Riley is an intelligent, skilled doctor and a fiercely devoted mother who is left to care for her young children after the tragic death of her husband. Dealing with her grief has left scars, but she’s tougher than she knows.

Riley suffers from PTSD. Why did you create her this way?

Great question! The world is a challenging place to navigate today, especially in the middle of this pandemic and political unrest. Many people struggle with anxiety and severe stress, and I wanted to show that it’s possible to be strong and overcome seemingly insurmountable trials, even in the worst circumstances. I know people who have done this, and they’ve been great inspirations to me. I’ve learned that we don’t have to let our weaknesses define us.

Solar Fury is the first book in a series. Can it be read as a standalone? How do the other books in the series tie in with this one?

Yes, Solar Fury can be read as a standalone. It had a definite ending but also encourages the reader to move on to the next book if they’d like to continue with Riley on her journey to reunite her family and find some sanity in her new world. She’ll face new and dangerous challenges as she travels on with her little band.

Tell us more about the cover and how it came about.

I have an amazing cover designer, Tim Barber, at Dissect Designs in London. He always seems to be able to read my mind when creating my cover art. I wanted him to show Riley’s strength and vulnerability as the world crashed down around her. I think he did an excellent job!

You have traveled the world and lived in 5 different countries. How have these experiences influenced your worldview and your writing?

I’ve had some fascinating experiences as I’ve traveled and lived in different parts of the world, but the most important thing I’ve learned is that a majority of people have the same basic needs, desires, and motivations. It doesn’t matter if someone is a political leader, incredibly wealthy, poverty-stricken, or somewhere in between, we all want security, happiness, and stability for ourselves and our loved ones. As humans, we crave love, acceptance, and joy. I try to convey these ideas in my writing. Unfortunately, some who have attained these things don’t appreciate them or have gratitude for them. Gratitude can be a powerful force for achieving happiness and contentment in life, no matter your circumstances. I’ve met people living in the worst kind of poverty who are some of the most grateful and contented I’ve known. Attitude and mindset are so vital!

What advice would you give to your younger self?

Never give up on your dream and passion for writing! If you keep at it, no matter how hard it gets sometimes, you’ll succeed!

Where can our readers discover more of your work or interact with you?

Readers can find me at my website: www.eachancebooks.com, where they can join my VIP newsletter club to keep up to date on new releases and other exclusive information and content. My email is: [email protected]. They can also find my Facebook page under E.A. Chance or Instagram at @e.a.chance. They can follow me on Amazon, Goodreads, and Bookbub, too!

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