E.A. Chance - Suspense, Thrillers, and Post-Apocalyptic Women's Fiction

E.A. Chance - Suspense, Thrillers, and Post-Apocalyptic Women's Fiction

E.A. Chance is a writer of suspense, thriller, and post-apocalyptic women's fiction. She loves books that influence her writing and her life and loves crafting tales of everyday superheroes. Her debut novel, Arms of Grace (under pen name Eleanor Chance) is a finalist in consideration for production by Wind Dancer Films, a silver medalist in the Readers' Favorite Awards, and a recipient of the B.R.A.G. Medallion. She has traveled the world and lived in five countries. She currently resides in the Williamsburg, Virginia area with her husband, is the proud mother of four grown sons, and Nana to one amazing grand-darling. As our Author of the Day, she tells us all about her book, Hunting Daybreak.

Please give us a short introduction to what Hunting Daybreak is about.

The story picks up just days after the end of Solar Fury when Dr. Riley Poole and her new husband, Coop, leave Riley’s teenage daughter behind with family in Virginia to find out the fate of her two younger children in Colorado. It’s more than three months after a global solar flare has destroyed all electrical power on Earth and caused the deaths of billions. Early in the trek, Riley and Coop get life-altering news and learn that a member of their group has put them in grave danger, forcing them to stay one step ahead of a hostile, newly formed government. They have a long, treacherous journey ahead of them through unfamiliar territory.


Tell us more about Dr. Riley Poole. What makes her so special?

Riley is unique for several reasons. She’s a five-foot-tall orthopedic surgeon, which is a male-heavy profession, but she earned the respect of her peers. She was a young widow with three children to care for, but she created a stable life for them despite suffering from PTSD, which she overcame after the CME hit the earth. She’s a balanced mix of fierce, vulnerable, impetuous, and loving.

This is book 2 in your Shattered Sunlight series. Can it be read as a standalone?

Hunting Daybreak can be a standalone novel but reading it after Solar Fury provides a richer experience with a deeper understanding of the characters, world conditions, and storyline.

Please give us three good-to-know facts about yourself.

1. I’m a sucker for a happy ending. The world can be tough enough with difficult or even tragic endings that I don’t want them in my books. For me, stories are an important way to take a little break from reality and be entertained.

2. I love the outdoors in any way, shape, or form. Nothing clears my mind or heals my soul like a long walk or hike in a beautiful setting.

3. I’m fascinated with space and physics, which was one of the motivators for writing the Shattered Sunlight series.

A mother's love is an important theme in this book. Why?

I believe the bond between a mother and her child is one of the strongest forces in this life. Riley’s drive to protect and reunite her children is the prime motivation for her to stay alive and obtain her objective. It’s also why I dedicated Hunting Daybreak to my four sons.

What did you have the most fun with when writing this story?

Oddly, one of my favorite things about writing this book was learning more about horses and thinking of the horses in the story as characters. I had fun writing Biscuit’s story arc and I fell in love with him as a character. I’m looking forward to writing more about him in the next book, Hope Ignites.

When starting on a new book, what is the first thing you do?

The first thing I do as I prepare to write a book is figuring out what the main character’s goal in the story is, what will happen if she doesn’t achieve it, and what stands in her way. Then, I map out how she’s going to get what she wants, and who is going to help her do that. This process is one of my favorite parts of being a writer.

What are you working on right now?

I’m currently writing the sequel to Hunting Daybreak entitled Hope Ignites. Keep an eye out for the release in the spring of this year (2021.)

Where can our readers discover more of your work or interact with you?

Readers can find me at my website: www.eachancebooks.com or join my VIP newsletter club at http://subscribe.eachancebooks.com/subscribe to keep up to date on new releases and other exclusive information and content. They can also find my Facebook page under https://www.facebook.com/eachanceauthor or Instagram at @e.a.chance

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