Ica - A Book For Your Soul

Ica - A Book For Your Soul

Ica, the author's pseudonym, is a nickname given by his brother when he was a child. His actual name is Mihail Militaru, and he was born in Romania during the communist era. That period has affected him profoundly and formed him at the same time. The communist regime believed that religion and especially God had to be removed from people's lives. That was the teaching given at every stage of development, from kindergarten to university. Ică had to learn God's lessons negating existence, and as any lesson, it gave him a positive perspective on life during his awakening times. As our Author of the Day, Ica tells us about his book, Fulfillment.

Please give us a short introduction to what Fulfillment is about.

Fulfillment is a book for your soul. All I wanted writing this book was to convey a message received from God. I am not special or chosen; I am just a messenger; we all are.

Our souls are not bound to any religion, but God, and that is what the book is about. I would love that readers will get to the true meaning of this message, that we are all one and came from the same source.

What inspired you to write this book?

I believe that we all have a calling when incarnate here on Earth, a calling that may shift us to a different reality, awakening our true selves to our real purpose. That shift will happen to everyone sooner or later, and in my case occurred around the age of forty-four, about five years back. That was the time when intuitively, I have started meditation, and I was attracted to the word of God and spirituality. From that point, it was only a simple step to manifest my calling into writing this book.

How did your communist upbringing influence your views on religion?

I know that there are no coincidences. Everything is arranged amazingly for us to evolve, and for me choosing to be born in a communist country was a great move. That society tried desperately to move anyone away from God. You can consider it as a test which ultimately I have passed. The great thing about living in a communist country was that I have started fresh, no preconception of any kind about God. He was not there for me in that perspective, and then he magically appeared. I had to understand everything, only meeting my inner-self, moving behind religions and predefined beliefs.

What made you start to think differently about things?

Meditation and introspection made me understand my true nature. Anyone who practices meditation, yoga, or any other forms of tranquility realizes that we are not an accident. Once communication is open or remembered perhaps with the source, it cannot be broken anymore, And then is when the miracle happens. We know!

What was your greatest challenge when writing Fulfillment?

Honestly, I did not see any challenge because words just came into my mind, and more than that, I had no expectations. In the beginning, I only started to write what I had received, and later on, I thought about a book. The great thing is that even the title was settled for me with no effort at all. Once again, when we connect, we have been inspired people say, but I would say we only welcomed God in our lives. Then we realize that we are his sons and daughters, and we are creators as well.


Besides writing, what other secret skills do you have?

I would not say secret skills. I believe that all the skills I have acquired are merely preparation for my service to come. I am currently doing computer consulting to pay bills you may say, but I think this job is helping me to pay karma. I do not get into details about that for now. Of course, it is a huge help when talking about formatting and creates a cover for my book, which I did all by myself. Also, I know that I am ready to help others teaching meditation and practicing Past Life Hypnosis Therapy and Reiki which I am doing it part-time, as well as studying NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) which I find an excellent complement for hypnosis.

In which way, do you believe, God speaks to you?

God speaks to all of us if we really listen. As a matter, all the words that I am putting together now comes from him. I do not have to think or look for my words. Have you ever ask yourself what inspiration is? We receive ideas; we gain knowledge and talent to achieve our goals. It has to be God, always. During the morning meditation, I receive many ideas. They just come to me without asking. I use to call them “The Morning Reports from God,” and many of them are part of this book.

ICA is a pseudonym. Tell us more about this.

I was born in Romania as the youngest son. I have three brothers and the closest one as the age is Cristian, two years older than me. As my name is Mihail, my parents started to call me Mihaica as a diminutive. That was way too hard for my brother Cristian, so he said it very easy and simple, Ica. So, Ica it was after all, and I find it so interesting that I have decided to use it as a pen name for my book and the books to come. I use to make fun of my brother telling him: "When I will be rich, I will pay you as you were my Godfather."

This book is not purely Christian - you also bring in narratives of renowned teachers from varied cultures, creeds, and religions. Why did you take this approach?

Even if I was born Christian, I came to realize that enlightened brothers have always come to Earth. As I have Jesus as the greatest teacher and closest to my heart, I have always wanted to know more about other beliefs and religions. Then I came to know Lao-Tzu, Budha, or more recent ones as Yogananda or Dr. Wayne Dyer and I was very pleased with their teaching that resonated with my soul. In fact, the closer we get to God the same lesson we teach: loving each other and be in service. Moreover, as I have mentioned before, I like more to be a spiritual human being than a religious one. All the religions, without exception, have been corrupted by greed and power.

For your own reading, do you prefer eBooks or traditional paper/hardback books?

I love all God’s creations, and so I would like to be less destructive with our mother nature. I try every day to consume fewer resources, and paper is one of them. With all that said, I prefer electronic books. Also, I am so eager to know more that is much easier to keep a thousand books in my pocket at all time.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

There is no advise I would give. I know that everything in our life is done with a purpose. We understand what we have done wrong; we correct it and appreciate the beauty of duality. We get out of the darkness and see the light. What can be more beautiful?

Do you have any interesting writing habits? What is an average writing day like for you?

My writing day actually starts at night. Besides, the busyness of the day does not offer me the proper environment. I love quietness. When my daughter and my wife go to bed is time for me to shine. It is not more than two or three hours, sometimes even less, but the relaxation and excitement cannot be contained. I love it.

What are you working on right now?

At this moment, I am working for a new book called “A Soul’s Journey: Heaven And The City Of Light.” It is a book meant to help any soul who would like to embark on the journey of hypnosis. The book is my own story as it had happened while having myself a hypnosis session with my hypnotist Andy. That was my first session before starting to practice. I wanted to know from experience what I would tell my clients, but instead, it came as a beautiful happy-sad adventure. I will not spoil it, but I believe it will convince many of us to at least try a Past Life Hypnosis Session since I consider this technique an unbelievable spiritual experience.

Where can people get a copy of Fulfillment or interact with you?

I have a few websites that will allow people to contact me. One is my spiritual blog at Mihail.blog, and the other is my personal website at mihailmilitaru.com. For anyone interested to have a copy I will be more than happy to offer one for free if they cannot afford to buy it. I would love to share the word of God with no hesitation.