Lisa Dawn Wadler - 15th Century Lairds and Modern Women

Lisa Dawn Wadler - 15th Century Lairds and Modern Women
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Lisa Wadler likes to write stories that feature strong alpha-male heroes and women who are able to take care of themselves physically. Sparks usually fly - resulting in riveting romance in a historical setting. As our Author of the Day, Wadler tells us why she feels drawn to Scotland, talks about her latest book, The Draig's Wife and reveals what she is working on next.

Please give us a short introduction to what The Draig's Wife is about.

The Draig’s Wife is a time travel romance set in the early fifteen century Scotland. Emma, our heroine, leaves our modern day to save a woman viewed through an impossible doorway in her yard - this leaves Emma trapped in medieval Scotland. Given the emptiness of her world, the new relationships fill her life and heart. But the Laird drives her crazy - always critiquing and seeming to disapprove of her every step.

Declan, the Draig Laird, is facing a battle beyond his power to fight. Thanks to a edict penned by Robert the Bruce a century past, he must be married within weeks or forfeit his title, lands and wealth. Declan has already married once for peace, and though widowed, has no desire for another empty marriage. But Emma intrigues him with her passion for life and her honest nature. Can he trust her? Would Emma be the woman to fill not only his bed, but also his heart?

What inspired you to write this book?

The Draig’s Wife is the third book in my Draig Series. The rough draft for this book was written several years ago. While I love these characters, I felt the time travel mechanism needed to be explained first - so I finished and released Time of the Draig. Apologies to Declan and Emma for making them wait. For this book, I wanted to create a need beyond love for the marriage, a reason to force their hands a bit too soon to see how they handled the rushed togetherness. In truth, I also pushed to see how much Declan could change and develop into a worthy hero while forcing Emma to the brink. Their story contains many challenges and yet their loves conquers all.   

Why did you pick medieval Scotland as the backdrop for your story? What drew you to this setting?

All the Draig series books take place in medieval Scotland, likely due to my love of Scottish romance books - both historical and contemporary. The wild, untamed nature of the past mixes easily with tales and myths. 

Why did you decide to transport a modern-day woman to that era?

I love time travel romance! The mixing modern sensibilities with historical roles allows for shaking up dynamics and personal convictions.

You took your readers on quite the emotional roller coaster in this book.  Was this intentional?

Absolutely. Emma comes from a life that is full of grief and loss. By transporting her to another time, she finds the would-be family connections she needs to be whole. Declan’s jaded persona needs a strong woman who’s able to see past his gruff self-protection to open his heart. While their journey isn’t easy, its the course destined for them. Did I push too far? Maybe. Declan’s drive conflicts with Emma’s inability to comprehend mistruths. 

Where do you think romance as a genre is heading? Where do you want it to go?

The genre is constantly changing and evolving. A reader can find anything from straightforward modern romance, to time travel, to paranormal books containing magical lands or distant planets, and thanks to fifty shades, erotica is still growing. My personal spin involves heroines with martial arts backgrounds - strong women who save the Laird. The best overall change is that the heroine is becoming a stronger entity within each story. Gone are the days of weak women needing a man to save her. 

If Declan had to live in modern times, who do you think he would be?

If Declan lived today, I believe he would be a captain of industry and a leader in his field. He’d be powerful and wealthy if only because he doesn’t know how not to succeed.

Do you ever have days when writing is a struggle?

Given a full-time sales position and two teenage children, my biggest struggle is finding enough time to write. I spend hours every day in the car traveling for work which lets the voices in my head continue the stories and create new ones.

What are you working on right now?

Currently, I’m finishing the rough draft on the next Draig series book - The Draig’s Choice. This one explains the creation of the edict that requires Declan to marry in The Draig’s Wife. In the story, a modern day psychologist, Sarah, is transported back to the early fourteenth century to meet the Draig Laird, Conall, as he prepares to rejoin Robert the Bruce. While their courtship is brief, it involves the cancellation of Conall’s betrothal,  Sarah’s quest to help Conall deal with the battles that plague his mind and confrontation with the legendary Bruce. 

I have a contemporary romance in edit as we speak which is a big change for me. The book - In Her Shoes - contains a middle-aged woman who is struggling to determine who she is and how she wants to live. Her past haunts her present and prevents her from learning how to love. Add in that she is taunted by the voice of Marie - a somewhat naughty character from a book she wrote - and we discover that Laurel has lessons to learn. In Her Shoes is a bit more steamy than the Draig series and more of an intense character development work. Laurel’s journey is filled with past recollections, Marie’s erotic tale, a new love and finally discovery of who she is and why. 

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