Raza Imam - A Mindset of Productivity

Raza Imam - A Mindset of Productivity

Raza Imam is a father, entrepreneur and best-selling author. He enjoys writing about fitness, personal development, and entrepreneurship to help people improve their quality of life. As our Author of the Day, Imam talks about his latest book: Attack Mode, which is a simple guide to help readers finally end procrastination, build ruthless focus, and attack their goals.

Please give us a short introduction to what Attack Mode is about.

"Attack Mode" is a mindset of productivity. It's getting into a state of mind that attacks problems rather than dwell on them. The book is a set of fifteen exercises you can try to build this sense of unbreakable focus, motivation, and productivity. It's about feeling powerful enough to plow through your obstacles and challenges rather than shrinking in front of them. 

What inspired you to write this book?

We all get overwhelmed, stressed, and anxious. It's easy to allow these feelings to take control of us and our behavior. It creates a sense of learned helplessness when we succumb to these emotions. I've found that when I adopted a dominant, aggressive, problem-solving mentality, I got a sense of inner strength and power that I never thought I had. All of a sudden I get new ideas, see new opportunities, and feel confident and hopeful.

I didn't quite know how to describe that feeling, until one day it hit me, I was going into "attack mode", and I suddenly felt a sense of inner power. So I decided to write about that. 

Your book includes a 30-day plan. Why did you take this approach?

We learn by doing. One of my favorite quotes from The Matrix is when Morpheus tells Neo that there's a difference between knowing the path and actually walking it. So it's one thing to read self-help books and tangentially know the techniques. It's another thing completely to actually do them. So I thought I'd write a simple, actionable guide to building focus and attacking your goals.

You kept the book short. Why?

I wanted it to be simple, actionable, and easy to understand. My goal isn't to merely share information, it's to inspire transformation in my readers. 

Why did you name this book "Attack Mode"?

It summarizes the mentality and attitude of getting things done without making excuses, succumbing to fear, and falling victim to procrastination. It builds a dominant, aggressive mindset that looks forward to problems and challenges rather than running from them. 

Is there something that compels you to write? And do you find that writing helps you achieve a clarity about yourself or ideas you've been struggling with?

Absolutely. I love writing because it helps me clarify my own thoughts and feelings. In fact, I prefer to write with old-fashioned pen and paper. Often times, I'll write out an entire book outline on paper, or at least I'll type it up in my Gmail account. It's not very sophisticated, but writing, especially by hand, helps me really feel much better about issues that I'm struggling with. 

Besides writing, what other secret skills do you have?

I'm actually very comfortable speaking in public. In fact, I thrive when I speak in public. I'm not very artistic, but speaking is like my art form - I feel very comfortable doing it and feel like I can express myself fully. I may even write a book about how to improve your public speaking skills for people that struggle with it. 

Where can our readers discover more of your work or interact with you? 

My readers can find out more about me at my websites: 

For motivation, psychology, focus, and productivity, visitors can check out www.5xYourFocus.com

For fitness they can visit www.TheScienceofGettingRipped.com

For learning how I've been able to build a passive income business they can visit www.PassiveIncomePlaybook.com

This deal has ended but you can read more about the book here.
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