Robin Patchen - Christian Romance Coupled With Page-Turning Suspense

Robin Patchen - Christian Romance Coupled With Page-Turning Suspense

Aside from her family and her Savior, Robin Patchen has two loves—writing and traveling. If she could combine them, she’d spend a lot of time sitting in front of her laptop at sidewalk cafes and ski lodges and beachside burger joints. She’d visit every place in the entire world—twice, if possible—and craft stories and tell people about her Savior. Alas, time is too short and money is too scarce for Robin to traipse all over the globe, even if her husband and kids wanted to go with her. So she stays in Oklahoma, shares the Good News when she can, and writes to illustrate the unending grace of God through the power and magic of story. As our Author of the Day, Patchen tells us all about her book, Legacy Rejected.

Please give us a short introduction to what Legacy Rejected is about.

Legacy Rejected is about a woman whose parents were criminals and inadvertently put her in danger and a man with a strong, stable family to be the protector she needs.

What inspired you to write this series?

I was so blessed to grow up in a loving family with parents who protected me and siblings who cared about me. I wanted to explore the idea of what it would be like to not be able to trust one’s own family. At first, I made Ginny guarded and untrusting, but then I thought, wouldn’t it be interesting if she were just the opposite of what one would expect?

Tell us more about Ginny Lamont, what makes her so special?

Her heart is so pure and sweet. In fact, for someone whose parents are criminals, she’s quite naïve. She’s open, she’s tender, she’s caring, and, most surprising, I think, she’s incredibly optimistic about her future. Ginny is special because she’s risen above her circumstances and achieved success in life despite her parents criminal activity and her family’s rejection.

Can Legacy Rejected be read as a standalone? How do the other books in the series tie in with this one?

Legacy Rejected is the first in what I hope will be a four-book series. Her character was introduced in Beauty in Flight. She was Jack’s real estate agent. However, this is a standalone novel. In fact, the Legacy books will be more standalone than those of my other series. We’ll hear a little now and then about the other characters from Nutfield, but they won’t have major parts. In this book, we see Jack and Harper (from the Beauty books) a little. Also, Brady Thomas and his wife Rae, the main characters from Convenient Lies, both have small roles in Legacy Rejected.

Ginny and Kade grew up in very different families. Why did you create them this way?

I really wanted to see how Ginny would react to Kade’s overly involved family. I didn’t get to put as much of that in the novel as I’d hoped. I do love Kade’s shock at finding out about Ginny’s past. I love the way he appreciates his own family all the more, and the way he so desperately wants to show her what true love looks like. And I love Ginny’s thoughts about Kade’s family and how close they are. It’s fun to explore from their different points of view.

Besides writing, what other secret skills do you have?

I love to cook, and I think I’ve gotten pretty good at it over the years. I’ve been told I make the best fried chicken in the world. My Louisiana Granny (the one after whom I patterned Ginny’s grandmother) gave me her secret recipe, so I can’t take credit for it.

Do you have a favorite line from the book and can you explain what that line means to you?

Favorite line… Ginny’s trying to learn more about her parents’ business, and the guy she’s talking to is encouraging her to let it go. He says, “Don’t dig in someone else’s graveyard.” I have no idea where that came from, but I thought it was pretty clever.

Is there something that compels you to write?

I’ve always loved to write. When I was a little kid, I used to sit with a piece of paper and a pen and try to write, but I never had anything to say. I studied journalism, and though I liked it, it was never a great fit. I went into marketing and public relations. Again, it wasn’t bad. It just wasn’t perfect. I didn’t start writing my first novel until I was forty years old. When I did, I felt I’d finally found my niche. I’m not saying I’m super talented, but I love writing novels like I’ve never loved anything else I’ve tried. I guess I’m compelled to write because it feels like what I was born to do. And what a blessing that I have the opportunity to do it.

Why Christian romantic suspense? What drew you to the genre?

I love reading all sorts of genres, but when stories come to my head, there’s usually a bad guy and a weapon. I don’t know why, but those are the stories that come easily for me, and I find them so fun to write. The Christian part… Our true hope is in Jesus Christ. I can’t imagine leaving Him out of my stories when His is the greatest story ever told.

What was your greatest challenge when writing Legacy Rejected?

Figuring out how to get Ginny, this naïve, guileless real estate agent, into peril. She’d never been involved in her parents’ business, so why would anybody be after her? My husband helped work out the plot on our dates night. If you ever want to get funny looks from patrons at nearby tables, start asking questions like, “How does one get into money laundering?” and, “How should they try to get the information out of her?” It’s great fun.

How do you force yourself to finish what you're doing before starting the next project when the new idea is nagging at you? 

I have a pretty tight writing schedule. If I want to meet my deadlines, I have to focus. Honestly, though, I’m a little OCD about stuff like that. I need to finish one project before I start another.

Do you have any interesting writing habits? What is an average writing day like for you?

I’m pretty boring, honestly. Every morning, I check my sales numbers for the day before (because my husband likes an update). And then, I dig into writing. I try to write three hours a day, five days a week. Then, I check email and do my editing for the day. (I’m a freelance editor as well as a writer.) If I write three hours a day, five days a week, I can generally add between twelve and fifteen thousand words a week to a manuscript.

What are you working on right now?

I just finished the first draft of Legacy Redeemed, book two in the Legacy series. This is about Angel Rossi, who is the sister of Jack Rossi, the hero in the Beauty in Flight series. I’m so excited about this book. I can’t wait for it to release in October.

Where can our readers discover more of your work or interact with you?

If you’d like to download a free copy of Beauty in Flight, click here:

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About Legacy Rejected…

She's not giving up her home, no matter what threats come against her.

Realtor Ginny Lamont's family has abandoned her, leaving her with nothing but a warning that she’s in danger. But Ginny's built a home in New Hampshire. After a childhood of nomadic living, she’s not running again, certainly not because of some nameless, baseless threat.

Real estate developer Kade Powers is thrilled to go out with Nutfield’s beautiful new real estate agent. But the prowler they surprise after their first date offers a glimpse into Ginny's past and the legacy of lies her parents left her with. She brings a mystery, one he’s determined to help her solve.

With Kade’s help, Ginny searches for the truth of her parents’ criminal activity while her enemies close in. When mobsters show up in her quaint New England town, will she find a way to bring them down, or will she lose the home—and the man—she’s come to love?

Legacy Rejected is the first book in a new Christian romantic suspense series. If you like romance coupled with page-turning suspense that’ll keep you reading late into the night, you’ll love Legacy Rejected. Buy it now.