R.S. Lively - Love and Hate and a lot of Fun

R.S. Lively - Love and Hate and a lot of Fun
R.S. Lively

R.S. Lively is a romance writing duo consisting of Ruth Scott and Lauren Lively. According to their dedicated readers, with every page you turn, their passion for books and love of romance jumps out. As our authors of the day, they tell us more about their latest novel, Hate to Love.

Please give us a short introduction to what Hate to Love is about.

Julie moved into a new apartment in Pennsylvania after moving from home in Virginia. A man offered her the job of her dreams, which starts the next day. When she shows up, though, she finds out that he didn't really mean it, and was offering it to her as an attempt to get her in bed. Shane has been struggling with playing and has been dealing with what some might call a PR nightmare. Although they can’t stand one another, they end up being the solution to each other’s problem.

The book contains quite a couple of twists. Did you plan them out before you started writing?

Yes, we both plan out the plot together, before tackling the meat of the story.

Please give us 3 Good-to-Know facts about you.

We’re both huge fans of with Jane Austen.

We are obsessed with our furbabies.

We both are addicted to anything with caffeine.

This deal has ended but you can read more about the book here.