Lloyd Jeffries enjoys dark comedies, philosophy, clever turns of phrase, religious studies and thought experiments involving the esoteric and legendary. A decorated veteran of numerous conflicts, he served in the U.S.
Earl James lives in Seattle with his wife, Kat, and their cat, who still doesn’t have a name. James didn’t start writing until his sixties and experimented with writing various genres under different pen names for the better part of a decade.
GS Carline did not plan on writing fantasies but then she decided there weren’t enough girl pirates. She planned to write a story about a young woman who has Important Life Goals and instead becomes the terror of the seas. And then the dragons came.
David B. Seaburn’s first novel, Darkness is as Light, was published in 2005.
Kay Lyons always wanted to be a writer, ever since the age of seven or eight when she copied the pictures out of a Charlie Brown book and rewrote the story because she didn’t like the plot.
Charles Breakfield is a technology expert in security, networking, voice, and anything digital. He enjoys writing, studying World War II history, travel, and cultural exchanges.
Erica Schaef is a fan of all things horror and loves to write her own stories in that genre. She is an Affiliate Writer member of the Horror Writers Association. Her work has been featured in a variety of journals, magazines, audio productions, and anthologies.
Christina Byers says that fantasy/sci-fi/fiction has changed her life for the better ever since she was a little girl who read books by streetlights in the back of her parents' van at night.
Allen Danzig grew up in Little Silver, New Jersey, on the northern part of the Jersey Shore. In ninth grade, he went to Lawrenceville School where he became active in the environmental movement.
Nick Adams grew up in a small village near Maidstone in Kent, England and right from an early age was a fervent NASA, space and Apollo fan.