S.L. Jackson, an Urban Fantasy Author, from Inkster, MI, who now resides in metro-Detroit first entered the publishing scene in 2019 with the novella ‘Animal Instincts: The Urban Jungle’.
Roy Huff is a Hawaii-based author, research scientist, and teacher. At a young age, he struggled in a family plagued by severe poverty and mental illness. After high school, he moved to the islands and hasn’t looked back.
As a little girl, Ketana's mother read her a new book every night before going to bed.  Although she grew up long ago and now runs a recruitment company, Ketana still reads children's books with great pleasure.
Melody Felix-Prieto lives in Georgia with her husband and two children. When she isn't writing, you can find her taking photographs, editing video projects, or watching movies. The Tragic + Divine is her debut novel.
Matthew Harffy lived in Northumberland as a child and the area had a great impact on him. The rugged terrain, ruined castles and rocky coastline made it easy to imagine the past.
Martin John was born in Birmingham, England in 1970…something. At the age of 10, he moved to South Africa. There, he developed a love for campfire tales of ghosts and goblins but absolutely no love of camping.
Derek McEldowney is a half-mad author & illustrator residing somewhere in northern Colorado. He has claimed to have been writing since he was 16, but the world has seen little of his work since then.
Steven A. McKay was born in Scotland in 1977 and always enjoyed studying history - the interesting bits, not so much what they taught him in school. He decided to write his Forest Lord series after seeing a house called "Sherwood" when he was out at work one day.
Sian grew up in the Hills of Perth, and her passion for storytelling began at a young age.
Heidi Catherine is an award-winning fantasy author and hopeless romantic. Her new young adult dystopian series, The Thaw Chronicles, has been co-written with USA Today best-selling author, Tamar Sloan.
Lorna Dounaeva - People Aren't Always Who They Seem To Be
FEATURED AUTHOR - Lorna Dounaeva is a quirky British crime writer who once challenged a Flamenco troupe to a dance-off. She worked for the Home Office before turning to crime fiction. She loves books and films with strong female characters and her influences include Single White Female and Sleeping with the Enemy. She lives in Surrey with her husband and three children, who keep her busy wiping food off the ceiling and removing mints from USB sockets. As our Author of the Day, she tells us all about her book,… Read more