Abby James is an incurable romantic and a great adventurer. Her list of loves is long. At the top is writing great romances, alongside reading great romances.
Melanie Summers lives in Edmonton, Canada, with her husband, their three kiddos, and two crazy dogs.
Scott Allan writes books that focus on changing old routines, overcoming self-defeating behavior and the best strategies on dealing with rejection.
Joan Schweighardt is the author of six novels, a memoir, two children's books and various magazine articles, including a 10-page story (featuring photos by photographer Michael Dooley) in 
Janson Mancheski is the best-selling author of The Chemist series. He has garnished numerous movie script and fiction awards. He writes both crime and YA fiction. His novel The Chemist is up for movie option by Voyage Media Productions.
USA Today Best Selling author, Richard Houston, lives and writes at his lake home in Missouri where he and his wife are raising their granddaughter, two dachshunds, and a rescue dog that is mostly Golden Retriever.
Raised in Western New York and Northern Pennsylvania, Karla M. Jay has worked as a speech pathologist since 1982.
Emily Mayer is a part-time lawyer, full time storyteller, and wannabe writer. She lives in Central Ohio with the two loves of her life; her husband and her dog. If she isn’t working, you can usually find her somewhere with a book in her hand.
The first story Teresa Watson wrote was on the back of old homework papers in the fifth grade. She is a voracious reader, so it makes sense that she grew up to be a writer. Her favorite genre is mysteries.
J Mercer grew up in Wisconsin where she walked home from school with her head in a book, filled notebooks with stories in junior high, then went to college for accounting and psychology.
C.J. Heigelmann - Different Perspectives and Intimate Relationships During the American Civil War
FEATURED AUTHOR - Strongly influenced by the works of Homer, Hemingway, Tolkien, Twain, Emerson, Hawthorne, Alice Walker, and Whitman, C.J. Heigelmann fluently expresses his work through a unique style in the classic form of innocence and eloquence, balanced by raw truth and grit without pretension. As our Author of the Day, Heigelmann tells us all about his book, An Uncommon Folk Rhapsody. Please give us a short introduction to what An Uncommon Folk Rhapsody is about An Uncommon Folk Rhapsody is a novel about… Read more