Christine Miles is a full-time writer living in Albuquerque, New Mexico. An avid reader and writer since elementary school, her passion for literature inspired her to pursue a BA in English and an MA in Creative Writing.
Tyler True's psychology degree led to diverse careers as an Air Force pilot and commercial scuba diver before becoming a writer focused on addressing broken political systems through entertaining and thought-provoking stories.
E. J. Wenstrom believes in complicated heroes, horrifying monsters, purple hair dye and standing to the right on escalators so the left side can walk.
Brian Terenna is a dystopian, sci-fi, dark fantasy author. He grew up in a land of possibilities. He saw a path to all of them, but could only pick one. Now, he creates worlds, where fantasy is reality and reality is anything you make it.
Willow Rose is a multi-million-copy bestselling author and an Amazon All-Star Author with a portfolio comprising more than 90 novels. Several of her works have ascended to the top 10 across all genres in the Amazon stores of the US, UK, and Canada.
Husband, father, and seeker of truth, Joseph Macolino has a passion for nature, philosophy, and all things fantasy.
D. Lynn Robinson is a mom of five and has been writing fiction all her life, and publishing novels since 2019. A lover of the outdoors, she enjoys hiking, swimming, and warm sandy beaches.
J.P. Alters is Jamaican/English and lives in the South-coast of England with her family. She currently divides her time between spending time with family and friends, and her work. When she's not writing supernatural thrillers, J.P.
Catalina Du Bois resides in the southwestern United States, where she finds inspiration from the enchanting landscapes of the desert.
Art Blegen is the author of “The Adventures of Kris”, a series of early middle-grade chapter books for young readers from six to ten years old. Each child is important, and each family matters to Art.