Lyle Howard does not consider himself to be a romance novelist, but he wanted to write about the possibilities of love transcending time. It's About Time was born and the book was an immediate hit, also receiving a Benjamin Franklin Digital Award Silver Honoree. As our Author of the Day, Howard tells us more about the book, explains why he started the story the way he did and chats about interesting things such as time travel and immortality.
Patrick Kanouse likes to test his mysteries on his wife - if he can keep her guessing throughout the book, he knows he has a good story. The Shattered Bull is one such a mystery that also contains a lot of intrigue - Kanouse's complex characters take his readers on an emotional roller ride. As our author of the day, Kanouse reveals why he picked Chicago as the backdrop for the book and talks about his journey as an author.
An intense need to protect the mind of a loved one, along with society's increasing paranoia regarding privacy inspired Andrei Cherascu to write Mindguard. This sci-fi thriller is his debut work and has been very well recieved. As our Author of the Day, Cherascu tells us all about the inspiration behind Mindguard and also talks about the other books in the series.
When Nancy Jardine isn't reviewing, blogging or running around on her official job as a grandkid minder, she enjoys writing interesting stories. Fascinated by the research into her own family history, she felt inspired to write novels based around an ancestral tree. Topaz Eyes was an immediate success and was a Finalist in The People's Book Prize 2014. As our author of the day, Jardine tells us more about the book, the characters and why she made changes to Topaz Eyes while it was already in the final editing stages.
Lauren Gallagher, a.k.a. L.A. Witt, enjoys writing unorthodox love stories. The Best Laid Plans is no exception - a menage romance that explores complex themes such as religion, surrogacy and insecurities. As our Author of the Day, Gallagher tells us about the inspiration behind her work, reveals her secret skills and talks about how she goes about creating characters that readers deeply care for.
Amy L Gale is a romance author by night, pharmacist by day who loves rock music and the feel of sand between her toes. When she’s not writing, she enjoys baking, scary movies, rock concerts, and reading books at the beach. As our Author of the Day, Gale chats about her book, Blissful Disaster, why she made her heroine clumsy and talks about the importance of humor in storytelling.
When Tenaya Jayne isn't creating beautiful graphic art or baking a chocolate cake that could bring you to tears, she writes fantasy books that are also known to evoke a mix of emotions from her readers. Jayne started writing fantasy to escape from the pain and harshness of life, taking readers along for the ride. The initial plan was to only write two books, but she never anticipated the overwhelmingly positive response she would get from fans, who were begging her for more. As our author of the day, Jayne reveals what inspired her to start writing, talks about her favorite authors and what it felt like when she finished the last book in the Legends of Regia series.
"Hot and new at sixty two!" Phyllis Smallman only published her first novel when she was sixty two, but it was definitely worth it as the award winning book impressed readers and critics alike. Margarita Nights is a cozy mystery with a lot of spunk, and this book, along with everything else she published, earned rave reviews on Amazon. As our author of the day, Smallman reveals why she picked a bartender as the protagonist of her book, talks about how her later books became more noir and a lot more.
When an award-winning veteran author gave the advice to combine two or more themes in order to captivate their readers, Michael Angel took that idea and created something unique. Although he initially only intended to make this a trilogy, Angel's "Fantasy & Forensics" series took off and became a bestseller. As our Author of the Day, Angel chats about how he created the characters in his books, Andeluvia, the world this series is set in and reveals why a spider species was named after him.
While studying the art of the Weimar Republic, Caroline Woods realized that there was a time period in history that we actually don't hear much about. This inspired her to write Fraulein M., a book that explores the cabaret underground, transgender women and deeper themes such as family bonds and compromises made for survival. As our Author of the Day, Woods tells us all about it.
Dani Haviland - A Beautiful Love Story Set in the Alaskan Wilderness
FEATURED AUTHOR - Determined to get her story published, Dani Haviland jumped into the newly discovered ocean of self-publishing in 2011 and has been surfing it ever since, having reached USA Today Bestselling author twice in the last three years. Although she grew up in Arizona, Dani now splits her time between Alaska and Oregon, writing, publishing, and promoting while claiming to be 'retired.' As our Author of the Day, Haviland tells us all about her book, One Arctic Summer Please give us a short… Read more