Joe Rothstein has been at the center of U.S. politics through over two hundred campaigns over the past thirty years. This experience inspired him to write a very believable political thriller about a Latina president who sets out to fight corruption, but meets great resistance in the form of an international conspiracy to impeach her. As our Author of the Day, Rothstein gives us a look behind the scenes of political campaigns, talks about the world's financial stability and a lot more.
Matthew Bayan is the only person in the world to die and be brought back to life 72 times. He is best known for his book, Eat Fat Be Healthy that describes this experience. Bayan however also had a very adventurous childhood and felt inspired to write down some of those memories after a high school reunion. This formed the backdrop for his coming-of-age mystery, The Firecracker King. As our Author of the Day, Bayan tells us all about it.
C.L. Bevill has been in the U.S. Army, cleaned floors, a graphic illustrator, a therapist, and a stay at home mother before she took up writing. She loves to write stories that explore the human mind, keep readers mystified and include just a dash of romance. As our author of the day, Bevill chats about her fascination with telepathy, Cajun culture and reveals how she thinks dreams serve us in life.
Jeana Mann has always enjoyed reading romance novels. She decided to try her hand on writing her own stories - putting a new twist on love. Mann never dreamed it would turn into a career, but her books took off and the rest is history. As our Author of the Day, Mann chats about her Pretty Broken series, reveals how she sometimes cries while writing a book and talks about her love for photography and cover design.
Janet McNulty started writing stories as a hobby to keep her mind active between college courses and working multiple jobs. She has published a couple of books, including a mystery and dystopian series. The Solaris Saga, an action-packed space fantasy series is the latest from McNulty's pen. As our Author of the Day, she tells us all about this series, chats about Star Trek and Star Wars and reveals why she wanted her readers to loathe her main character.
While watching a true crime TV program, Elizabeth Sims realized that the jury often strongly reacts to how the accused acts - picking up on body language, appearance and other cues. This inspired Sims to write The Actress. As our Author of the Day, Sims reveals the research that went into this book, talks about how Rita Farmer is a reflection of herself and gives us a peek into what she is working on now.
While David Dunham was writing one story, a totally different one came to him in the form of a quietly intense character. This took him back to the early 1900s where he takes readers through the Great War from the homefront's perspective and tells a love story in a deep way. As our author of the day, Dunham tells us more about The Silent Land, the inspiration behind it and his fascination with the Great War.
Readers enjoyed Jade Jones' Wife of a Misfit series so much that they have been begging her to write a spin-off about two popular secondary characters, Soul and Diana. So she did. As our Author of the Day she tells us more about this book, her secret Call of Duty skills and talks about her journey as an author.
Gregory Ness likens writing a novel to a hero's journey - one he has completed for the first time when publishing Antioch. This adult geek multi-genre book is the first in a series and takes readers on a gritty, raw and personal trip into humanity's past and near future. As our Author of the Day, Ness tells us why he wrote this book, how his background as a Silicon Valley technologist inspires his work and why we shouldn't take our civilization for granted.
Christy Barritt is a successful author with over fifty books to her name and she feels that she is still growing as an author with each new book that she publishes. Inspired by fans who often think that actors are the same as the characters they play on TV, Barritt decided to create Joey Darling. As our Author of the Day, Barrit tells us all about Darling's character and how she is nothing like her super detective alter ego, she also reveals where she likes to go for inspiration and how she used to play guitar in coffee houses.